Throughout his life, Jean Delaire gathered around him, in Nantes, many generations of surgeons, orthodontists, speech therapists and physiotherapists. All these practitioners were involved in the management of growth disorders of the face and skull. Jean Delaire has tirelessly published and taught all over his long and extraordinarily fertile career both in his hospital department and at university, and has led countless scientific events in France and Europe.

Jean Delaire is known worldwide for his Cephalometric Architectural and Structural Craniofacial Cephalometric Analysis and for his in-depth consideration of functional disorders in the genesis, diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial dysmorphoses as well as the establishment of protocols for the management of facial clefts that are still relevant today.


Jean Delaire has amassed and developed immense knowledge thanks to his unique medical experience and his insatiable curiosity for basic sciences. He has formalized this knowledge in the form of publications, communications, courses and lectures  by tirelessly dispensing it with patience and passion. Jean Delaire has always passed on his immense knowledge to anyone willing and it is in this spirit that he asked us at the end of 2019; Benoît Philippe, Jean Philippe Perrin, and me to continue to share his teaching and to enrich it with the contribution of new digital technologies.


Although we were aware of the magnitude of the task, we were all honoured and excited by the trust he placed in us. As a result, we offered to create the "Jean Delaire Institute-Institut Jean Delaire" for him in order to give ourselves the means to fulfil this mission. Benoît Philippe, Jean-Philippe Perrin and I will try to carry out this mission; that is to say, to gather, share, and develop the teaching that he bequeathed us.

Our first mission is to gather Jean Delaire's work and make it available. Jean Delaire has entrusted us with all of his works and documents for this purpose, but we will not be able to be exhaustive without the participation of all those who have known him. If you are one of Jean Delaire's students and you have original documents relating to his teaching: recordings, photos, videos or any other testimony, please contact us. Together we will be able to enrich this unique collection of documentation.

Our second mission is to share Jean Delaire's work in accordance with his wishes. All the documents free of copyright available to date: publications, communications and various work will be available to the members of the " Jean Delaire Institute - Institut Jean Delaire " on the association's website for the digitized documents and in the library of the " Jean Delaire Institute " located within the Maxillofacial Surgery Department in Nantes (CHU-Nantes FRANCE) for all the books and documents.

Our third mission is to broaden and advance knowledge about Jean Delaire's cephalometric analysis or any other Delairian concept in particular thanks to new digital technologies; guided surgery, data collection and management, artificial intelligence, etc. National or international scientific collaborations between the Institute and Universities, research assistance, the provision of a scientific fund for theses or any other scientific creation, the encouragement and support of juniors in their improvement are the purpose of the "Jean Delaire Institute - Institut Jean Delaire".

A biennial international congress, the first opus of which will be held on 11 and 12 June 2021 in Paris FRANCE, will encourage and nurture this momentum.

Pierre Corre

President of the « Jean Delaire Institute – Institut Jean Delaire »

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